America's Legacies Being Assured A Role In America's Future

The original Skelly Oil Company was formed in 1919 and over the next couple of decades, became a nationally recognized brand to the motoring public as well as consumer households.


That Skelly Oil Company grew from the vision and efforts of a determined wildcatter and independent oil operator to become a major oil company known for its exploration and production expertise as well as the capabilities of its refineries and manufacturing facilities in conjunction with its well-established marketing and distribution network. Skelly Oil Company was an early leader in offshore drilling and production ranging from Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico to the Persian Gulf with a foreign presence in Canada, Argentina, Australia, Korea, Libya, Iran, and Mozambique.  In addition to its E&P and refining divisions, Skelly Oil Company also had well-established chemical, manufacturing, engineering, and research divisions.  It was an early pioneer of LPG products and building upon its base of substantial uranium ore reserves, established a role in conversion and fuel fabrication and in recovery and reprocessing for the fledgling nuclear power industry.


Not all of Skelly Oil Company’s achievements were of a technical nature as significant innovations of the period were being one of the first to standardize their service station appearance and being an early leader in establishing a truck stop program for the nation’s rapidly growing network of interstate highways.  Their credit card program which started with 10,000 issued cards in the 30’s grew to 7 million Skelly card holders and 20 million potential credit customers through their credit exchange agreements.


In 1977, Skelly Oil merged into Getty Oil and the Skelly stations and products were rebranded with the Getty brand, which subsequently was rebranded to Texaco by Texaco’s takeover of Getty in 1984.


The Skelly brand logo re-emerged in 2012 when Nimmons-Joliet Development Corp. acquired the nationally recognized Skelly brand logo.  The most recent Skelly Oil Company is currently focusing on providing quality affordable downstream products to the consumer.